Our Ethos

In a world of homogenous grey, plastic and single use products Malabar Trading sets out to scour the world for small producers creating or restoring beautiful and useful things for the home.   Our goal is to support sustainable and fair trading and to help maintain traditional crafts where we can.

Many of our suppliers are small family businesses in places such as India, Ghana, Sri Lanka or Istanbul, carrying on ancient crafts including block printing, weaving, basket making and ceramics.  We work closely with them to create quilts, tablecloths, pyjamas, cushions, travel accessories and a range of clothes.  We also travel to suppliers who find us vintage kilims, woven silk suzanis and kilim cushions from across the Middle East.

However, we don’t just focus on craft skills, in our search for sustainable products we have started to work with a family in Sri Lanka weaving bamboo and using natural dyes to create a beautiful range of shawls and fabric toys.  We stock upcycled oil drum lights from Senegal and work with women in Cairo to convert old drinks bottles into gorgeous wine glasses.

Whatever you might find to suit you in Malabar Trading, the ideal that unites our wide and varied range of products is that each item should be decorative, useful and expertly made. We aim to provide a range of home furnishings and gifts that bring quality and beauty to everyday life.

Malabar scarves being made in Kutch